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In 1996 the City of Ardmore conducted a feasibility analysis concerning the implementation of a G.I.S. Since then the city has developed the G.I.S. into a program that uses the latest technology and processes to inventory city systems and retrieve information quickly. Ardmore's G.I.S. has been designed & maintained on the fundamental principal of creating the information "in-house". This has allowed the system to develop into one that integrates with & responds to the needs of the city much faster. Having the opportunity to utilize existing internal resources & professional knowledge has greatly enhanced the accuracy of the system. The G.I.S. is maintained by several departments integrating special  data sets into the system along with allowing other departments access to this information. This information provides the base data needed to model, attribute, & analyze Ardmore's infrastructure. This capability allows the city to more efficiently & effectively use its existing resources.

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